maandag 31 oktober 2011

New Blog

I have a new blog; (visit here)

This blog will continue; in the soon future Lotte and I will rearange it and write cool new stuff! :)


woensdag 8 juni 2011



Hello everyone! :D
It's been a while ago since my last post!
But this isn't without a reason of course..
I've been on a holiday to Spain for the last 10 days!
It was really amazing! :)
We went there with 27 students of our school and we managed plain/hotel/activities all by ourselves!

A few months ago we were like: 'let's go on a holiday together', 
we can celebrate the fact that 6 years of hard working is over, but it's also a sort of last great moment with each other, a beautiful farewell..
We're used of seeing each other every single day at school, but after the graduation this will change and everyone will go his or her own way..  

We went to a village that's called Lloret de Mar, it's located along the 'Costa Brava' in Spain.


We had a tremendous time!
I have lotsssss of stories, pictures and vids for you..
I'll post them as soon as possible!
I just have to make sure I won't fall asleep right now :p, our plain (from Girona to Amsterdam) left really early this morning/night and I've been up for 30+ hours.. 


woensdag 11 mei 2011

Rock 'n roll

Since we're in a hectical time, with our final exams starting in a few days
Marrie and I decided to use the evening for some relaxation!
At 11 we went outside to smoke
and we ended up taking silly pictures.. :)

You can find Marrie on Lookbook as well :)


Me :)


This was my failure picture for today!

Us :)



my love; tayfun
eveline, me and daisy
me / tay
me, a little drunk haha
I cut my hair btw.. :)

zondag 8 mei 2011



Today my brother and father came back from New York.. :D
They said they had a lot of fun, they for example did a helicopter flight over New York and they watched a Football match, but they weren't very talkative because of a jetlag so I'll probably hear the rest of their story upcoming week.. :p
Also we made a pie for mother's day and we all gave my mum presents, my smaller brothers gave her a crockery set, and I gave her 3 pair of (real) silver earrings..


2nd picture: a piece of the pie we made haha <3


My father and brother also brought back clothes and presents from the states! :)
The clothes I've gotta pay myself, haha, but it doens't matter cause you can't buy Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch in Holland and since I really loove those brands it's absolutely worth it.. :)

:D :D

 Abercrombie beach bag

 Hollister dresses

Ray-Ban glasses


I posted another look on Lookbook today! :)

woensdag 4 mei 2011


I sort of quit smoking.

I had one cigarette in the last 5 days.
I’m really agressive, emotional, hyperactive, i keep pinching myself, laughing hysterically, throwing around things in anger, and i’m scaring everyone away.
my boyfriend dumped me at my parents place yesterday so they could deal with me. and my parents are driving me to my own appartment in rotterdam now, cause they want me and my fits gone. i feel so loved!
and i feel like i have the tourettes syndrome, that my smoking has covered up all this time. i feel like shouting something every few minutes.
i really have to try to relax.