zaterdag 27 november 2010


At December 5/6, Dutch people celebrate ‘Sinterklaas’.
It’s a lot like Santaclause, but not quite…


 (also called Sint Nicolaasde Goedheiligman or simply de Sint in Dutch [About this sound pronunciation (help·info)]) and Saint Nicolas in French) is a traditional Winter holiday figure in the NetherlandsBelgiumArubaSuriname and Netherlands Antilles; he is celebrated annually on Saint Nicholas’ eve (5 December) or, in Belgium, on the morning of 6 December. The feast celebrates the name day of Saint Nicholas, patron saint ofAmsterdam, children and sailors. He is the basis of the mythical holiday figure of Santa Claus in the United States.
Sinterklaas looks a little different, skinnier and older. In stead of elves, he has men covered in coal from the fireplaces. He rides a white horse, that can walk roofs, and comes with gifts like Santa, and lots of food.
I’ll show you some pictures!
The Sinterklaas food exists out of gingerbread sort of balls, sugary foam candy, tumtum, chocolate letters and chocolate sigarettes. De ‘zwarte pieten’ (black pete’s) throw this food out of jute bags into houses through open doors and windows.
If you’ve been a bad kid, black pete whips your butt with twigs.
So its a perfect holiday to blackmail your kids into behaving well.
Kids ADORE Sint, and are also intimidated and a little scared by him, lol.

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