zondag 1 mei 2011


Yesterday was a busy day. Which is intense after a short nights sleep.
Slept from 5 ’till somewhere later in the morning, and woke up in a rush, cause I had a photoshoot to do with Ty. After that we went to a vintage store, and from there straight back to Ty’s parents place for dinner. My roommate was having a party, so Ty took me to a fancy hotel last night.  We couldn’t get enough of the facilities, so not much sleep either. Checked out this morning after too much breakfast, and headed to my appartment to get some actual sleep. Once we got there, the intire place was filled with sleeping guys. Including my bed, where a twin was laying and smelling like booze. So we went to Ty’s place, and I’m finallyyy in a bed now. Its so soft and beautiful. I love beds.
I have lots of pictures from yesterday, but I forgot my olympus charger, so i’ll upload them later, and add some internet photo’s of our hotel.
I LOVE big bathtubs.. and hotel breakfastbuffets! 
It was wonderfull. I should be happy and excited, but i’m a little worried today. I got a call from Marit’s parents, asking me if I had any idea where she was. But the last time I saw her was thursday in Utrecht. I did know she was going to this party on friday with friends, and that she expected it to be a crazy night. Appearantly she never came home, and her parents can’t reach her… I just called to her house and her cellphone again, but no-one is answering. I hope it’s all nothing, and that they’re just out doing something, but somewhere I have a bad feeling.
So Marit, IF you read this.. CALL ME NOW!! I left you a facebook message aswell, and by the number of missed calls you’ll surely understand to contact me asap. I’m going grey here.
Me and Marit 

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