dinsdag 8 februari 2011


bought another camera.
i’ve been testing it all day annoying the crap out of everybody with it.  it films well and the pictures are better than i expected. the reason i bought it was because i’ve been needing a small digital camera for a while now, not too valuable so i can take it with me everywhere i go. a party/concert/travell/random camera, that i dont need to be careful with. I’m always scared while partying that someone will steal it, or that i will lose it or give it away in my drunk state. but that wouldnt really matter in this case. so i love it!
this is the one.
And more news; Ty bought tickets to the Family of the Year concert for valentinesday! it’s on the 14th (obviously) in Amsterdam. I love that band ever since he introduced them to me. They’re a new upcoming indie rock band from LA.
and yes, in this picture he was annoyed by my constant flashes in his face all day.
he compared me to a kid with a new toy haha.

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