18 years old.  And more beautiful every day!!
I went to Utrecht today to visit her and hang out. We went downtown to meet up with some more friends, and kind of spend the day walking around the streets of Utrecht, in and out of bars. We had a fun day, and it was great seeying eachother again. We made plans to celebrate her birthday properly this or next weekend.

Only the biggest party will do.

Marit, me and Ruth




Eventually only Marit and me were left, so went went to ”Kafe Belgie” , where they have to most amazing cherrybeer. We drank lots! So when we left, we were a little wobbly. We were walking the streets on our way back to the central station, and suddenly 2 cops arrive on horses. Not sure if that’s average everywhere, but in Holland they ride on horses. Because of my youth trauma with horses, ( I had an evil horse called Tellstar ) I’ve been afraid of horses since. So brave as I tried to be, I walked up to the horses and asked a cop if I could pet one. He told me I could. Suddenly the horse takes a huge dump, and the officer has to get off to clean it up. And he’s like: Hold the horse for me will ya. I’m so scared of horses!! But I tried to stay calm and I kept on holding and petting the horse. It was so sweet. He leaned his huge head against my chest the intire time, ’till the cop was done cleaning the crap and got back on: