Hellooo everyone! I’ve been out of blogging for a while! 
First of all my iPod exploded and I often used to blog on that. 
Secondly I’ve been very busyy with school! I have a major essay kinda  something next week!! You have to spend a minimum of 80 hours on it! Including a logbook in which you describe what you've exactly been doing (so no cheating haha)
A short description of my last week(s) would be: partying- studying- studying- studying- birthday (I turned 18!!) –  partying- studying
Last weekend I went to a very awesome Drum n’ Bass / Dubstep party @ Utrecht (Tivoli) . 
It’s called Blackout.. And it was fun and the music was teriffic!!! 
One of the artists that came was Black Sun Empire; I’ll drop some of their music here as well.. :)
Marit & Doris
Marit | Joshua | Aiden
Andy & Marit
At the beginning of the party..
Antonio & Marit
Kaya & Marit
Marit & Justin
Joshua | Marit | Aiden
Marit | Doris | Aiden
Black Sun Empire – Arrakis:
Black Sun Empire – B Negative:
Black Sun Empire – Hyper Sun:
Black Sun Empire – Bombrun: