zondag 5 december 2010

Amsterdam Wonderland

As I blogged about before, I went to Amsterdam with Tayfun.
In the snowblizzard, we made our way to the amazing CitizenM Hotel, which is the most awesome hotel ever. or as the website says:
Located close to Amsterdam’s Schiphol International Airport, citizenM offers luxury accommodations for a new kind of traveller. That might just mean you. The citizenM room redefines the luxury hotel standard.
You’ll find a wall to wall window, LCD television with free movie channels including blockbusters and classic favourites.
The hotel room also has an XL king-sized bed, just in case you like to dance in your dreams. There’s more for free: wi-fi internet. Cheap calls to international landline phones. We’ll keep going: power rain shower, luxury bed and bath linen, global plug system. And a full length mirror with theatre lighting.
Megalomaniacs will love the Philips designed touch screen mood pad. It allows you to control everything in your entire hotel room- television, window blinds, temperature, colored lighting, and wake up alarm themes.
Downstairs, you’ll find our 24-hour food outlet: canteenM. Here, you can pick up daily fresh sandwiches, fresh wraps, sashimi, beer from the Netherlands, Italian coffee and much more because citizenM knows a good mind comes with a full belly. At night, the bar stocks the finest luxury spirits and cocktails around.
citizenM hotels offers all guests self check-in service on touch screen terminals with the assistance of citizenM ambassadors. The lobby is designed not to look like a lobby. No marble fountains. No piano man. Instead, you’ll find contemporary living rooms with Vitra furniture. citizenM likes you to feel at home even if your home is 5,000 miles away.
It was amazing there.
The staff was incredibly kind, and the atmosphere made you feel comfortable at once.
We checked in and went to our room, which was beautiful.
We had a special remote that offered us to controll everything.
We couldnt make ourselves leave the room. We kept playing around with the lights, the LCD, the curtains and the bathroom.

After a rainshower in the coolest showercabine, we dressed up for dinner at Amsterdam Trouw restaurant.
But first, since we were really hungry, we made a stop at the hotel bar, where we had some food and drinks.
They had all sorts of weird stuff, so we tried some.
We went for safe sushi, and risky ‘iki beer’ and green tea out of a can.
The beer was great, the tea was weird. But it was fun trying.
We hung out there for a little bit, socialising with the staff, and taking pictures of the hotel.
They had TV’s everywhere, libraries, macs, coutches, everything.
I loved the books they had. It was all a mixture of fairytales and fashion.
The big bad wolf next to the Gucci book.

Eventually we headed to the restaurant through the snow.
It was beautiful and raw, because it used to be an old newspaper factory.
Stylish and Authentic.
We ordered hummus, ravioli, grilled chicken and more.
The drinks they had were sort of unique, like everything on the menu.
After the food, we went to the bar, to drink and wait for the party to start.
( turns into a club at night )
We ran into friends of us, which was really great, and we danced till 3.
pictures to come *

We called our cab, and went back to the hotel.
We decided to hang at the bar for a bit, before going to bed.
At the bar, we met three awesome guys.
Matt (Louisiana), Josh (NY) and Adrian (Poland).
They were really funny and social.
We talked about lots of things, and went out for smokes.
Meanwhile, I was a little drunk from all the drinks that day, and those guys kept pouring us more.
So, I announced as a joke, that Ty and I got engaged that day.
They all believed it and started clapping and cheering for us. Including the staff. They came to concratulate me, and offer their condolances to Ty, lol. They were really excited for us, and got us more drinks.
It was hilarious.
At one point, there was no one behind the bar. So Adrien got up and got behind the bar.
He poured all sorts of drinks in a mixed, and made us all coctails, that we called ‘sex on the polish beach’. They tasted really good actually!

the guys and me, the black magic cocktails and the anti-alcohol bartender haha

So finally we went to our room around 5, and fell into a coma.
The next day, we woke up around noon, hit the shower, and headed down
for ‘breakfast’ at 14:30.
We checked out, and made a little trip through Amsterdam, which was great.
Like I said, the snow brings out the kid in people, and the centre looked like a winter wonderland. People sleighing, throwing snowballs, little markets everywhere, lights and cafe’s in December charm.
My camera broke down halfway, but tonight i’ll get the pictures from Ty.
It was amazing, the intire weekend was.
I’m all charged up and ready for the week.

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