donderdag 2 december 2010


It’s so incredibly cold!
And the cold is going to get worse every day.
I’m in my PJ’s right now, by the fire.
On top of them, I’m wearing sweatpants and a huge sweater from my dad.
On top of THAT, I’m wearing a handknitted hat and a big scarf.
& no, I’m not making pictures, cause I’m truly looking ridiculous.
But I’m warm.
It just keeps on snowing.
The streets are empty.
It’s like everybody is hiding inside their houses from the cold.
I’m sleepy all the time, and can imagine why animals have a wintersleep.
I would love one.
Besides the cold and exhaustion, I’m really happy.
My roommate and I made up, and I’m going back to our place after the weekend.
I never even made pictures, so I will soon.
And the last days I’ve spend with Ty, who’s growing closer everytime I see him.
My parents met him last night, and actually liked him, which is a new thing to them.
But positive ofcourse.
I hope the trains will be going without delays tomorrow, when we’re going to Amsterdam.
We were planning on going out a lot and see things, but I’m not sure if we’re ging to wanna leave the hotel with this cold. He was like whatever, we’ll just bundle up. Wherever we go, it will be warm there. And I guess he’s right. But he might have to drag me along. (:
Kids are skating on the frozen rivers outside my parents house.
I feel like pulling them in and cuddle them warm with lots of hot chocolate before they freeze.
I’ll go outside real quick and make some pictures.
Ok, seriously, I can’t even properly type right now. My fingers are frozen.
Here you go.
My Lola.
Snow makes her all weirded out about everything.
She even attacks my camera!

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