dinsdag 14 december 2010

Destroyed and gone

I was just enjoying my breakfast and reading the newspapers this morning when my eye felt on a particular article..
The article is about a huge artwork that is destroyed by a museum visitor. Total price for this artwork is over €100.000 !! (= > $80.000) A big waste!
Why this article appealed to me is because I’ve seen it a few weeks ago and I made pictures of it because I tought it was quite original and impressive at the same time. It excisted out of vases. All vases were dyed by hand and the combination of the colours were just a perfect polychrome.
The artist is Jongerius she is a rich woman which earns money from designing (eg. for IKEA) and her own artworks.
In the exhibition te vases all stood in a big circle on a platform.
The article says that yesterday there has been a woman and which felt right on the vases.
About half of the entire artwork is broken.
This made me realize how transient not the ordinary, but also the precious and expensive things in the world can be..
The picture I made when I was in the museum..
Newspaper article

Somehow I've had occasions like this quite some times, that's why I decided to write a post about it.. 
The most extreme occasion was when I was in New York in 2008.. I saw a small building @ times square. Maybe it was because of the big contrast with the enormous other buildings around it, but somehow I wanted to see it etc. The day after, my dad and I went on the plane back to Holland and when we got home there was on the news that there had been a terroristic attack on that exact same building and it was completely vanished.. Really weird to realize that you’ve just been there.
OMG:|- dit gebouw is nu dus ontploft
Me in front of the building @ New York, Times Square
Article about the attack..

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