vrijdag 31 december 2010


Past day I’ve spend in Dordrecht. I really love that city. I'm born in Dordrecht and most of my family lives there. 
I went to my grandmother. My greatgrandfather is not doing well. He’s old and getting more and more ‘dement’, while time’s passing by. My grandmother is really having difficulties with that. I wanted to visit her to be there for her and cheer her up a little. My grandmother really is the most wonderful person in the world. It looks like she’s only living for others, and she always wants the best for everyone. (: I love her a lot. <3
She decided it would be better for my greatgrandfather to move him to an ‘institution’, he’s barely able to take care of himself. And in the old people’s home he had been for the last years, he just didn’t get enough attention. He wasn’t capable of doing much on his own anymore.
To help move houses and move furniture in the room of my greatgrandfather

Also my grandma and I wanted to spend some time together. My grandma knows I really like vintage shops and had the idea to take me to a really big one. Really sweet <3 We’re the only two persons in the family that can appreciate such stuff and clothes and it really was fun going there with her. :)
Wardrobe with all kind of stuff. I bought the elephant painting at the top. <3
My grandma and me got ourselves tea and coffee.
Then suddenly an old man came to me. He had bought a cellphone, because his brother had been robbed and he was so afraid that this would also happen to him, that he wanted to have a cellphone in case of emergency. He only had no clue at all how to install or even use it. He came to me and I felt a bit sorry for him..
So I installed everything and gave him a cellphone course, haha.
My grandma and I also went to La Place to have lunch and as trendy as my grandma is we’ve also went to normal clothing shops such as Vila, Vero Moda and H&M, afterwards we did groceries. Went home and made dinner. :)
My grandma and me in a funny mirror
La Place <3
Wanted to take something I never tasted or even heard of before, so I took the Hungarian Goulash soup.
My grand mother and me made a funny picture in a photobooth <3
Some of the things I bought:
A second hand elephant brooch <3
A really awesome painting <3
(It probably looks like I am an elephant maniac, but it’s just coincidence, haha)
A rosary <3
I always have the weird habbit when I run into a vintage shop that sells CD’s to pick the ones I never ever even heard of and just buy them. In the past I’ve really bought some really crappy ones, but a few years ago I also bought the CD Medulla of Björk and I’m still really happy with that one. :)
Shirt (:
Original concert shirt of the Sex Pistols
And I bought much more! But if I would post every thing my blog posts will be enormous!
And of course I found a few things from my grannies attic:

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