vrijdag 10 december 2010

Fur & Stripes

Ruth & Marit @ Vintage Store in Utrecht, Ruth bought an old bag and I (Marit) a fake fur coat
I always go to secondhand / vintage stores with Ruth, we always find either something very hilarious or something really unique and awesome.
Today, I went to the vintage store in Nieuwegein with Ruth. It’s cool to go there, even cooler than the one in IJsselstein, it’s like a diverse flue market located in one store. Ruth found something really awesome. It was a fur coat. I’m not a pro of real fur (of course), I’ve even been a vegetarian for two years. But this coat was second hand and if the owner didn’t give it to this store it would probably have ended up in a trash container somewhere. 
The coat was made up of all different pieces of foxes. A bit scary but kinda awesome in a way as well. We found a lot of cool and also very ugly stuff. At the end I bought a real oil paint painting and a Jugendstill poster for my room:
Ruth and the fur coat
Fitting room: Marit / Ruth
100 % fur; (all dead foxes)
Clothes department
Marit & Ruth

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