It’s a silent day.
Faith cleared up my plans, and is making me focuss on every beautiful little detail around me. The branches of the tree outside my house are covered in white frosting. They dance on the wind, while the last leaves let go.
The colours of the trees blend perfectly with the bricks of the appartments opposite mine.
Ruby and off-white, with a hinch of defeated darkgreen.
My coutch is wonderfull. Its huge, soft, and embraces you with your own bodywarmth.
Everything whispers. The cars on the roads surrounding the island, voices of people on the streets, the water in the furnace and the sound of my fingers on the keyboard.
I’m not sure if I should turn on some music.
I’m afraid it will ruin the calmth and my flow of thoughts.

When I’m focussing on what I’m thinking, all I see is a face.
With piercing eyes that tell me a thousand stories.
Lips tracing my fingertips, inviting me to another realm.
Hands sliding around my neck, my face and up in my hair, pulling me into him.
Telling me without words, that there are crushes, and there is love
And how we’re lucky to have been blown away with the last.
I’m on the beach, floating, riding horses, playing in the sand, sunbathing, dancing, swimming in the air and playing hide and seek in the foresttrees, all while i’m just in a room with him.
Tonight i’m meeting with friends.
I can’t wait to see them and catch up.
I feel like dragging them into my crazy love mood!
Although I wouldnt know where to begin describing it.