vrijdag 31 december 2010

Getting ready..

This evening I went over to Ruth.
First , we went to the church.. It was a service about the new year.. :)
After that we went to her home to get ourselves ready for the night.
When Ruth and I want to make ourselves ready we always find ourselves doing all other activities except actually  getting ourselves ready..
It started when Ruth said to me: “Okey, you can find me anything you want on my room and I will wear it tonight”
So I made her wear a viking-helmet
10 minutes later we were dressed up like complete idiots.
Then Ruth told a funny story about someone on Chatroulette that was dressed up very weird. I never did/heard of chatroulette before so Ruth explained me what it was… And so we were going to do chatroulette. It was really funny. We really came across total retards. (they probably thought that about us as well, cause we were still wearing the clothes :p)..
After a while we saw the time and we had to hurry a lot.. It was fun :)

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