zaterdag 4 december 2010

Winter Wonderland

After reading this post you'll probably think I'm totally mad, but I don't mind, I'll post it anyway..:)
Today there has fallen a lot of snow, it kept falling and falling. I was planning on going running outside. Normally I always make a round of 5 -10 km in the weekend. But at the first place I didn’t think of going with weather like this, I changed my mind and tought “Ah, why not?”. I got my snowboots and ran 6 km. To my suprise I really enjoyed it. The running and the warm clothes kept me warm and it was suprisingly amusing to just keep running and running in a simple white surrounding. It looked like the entire world was vanished and it was just plain white you saw.. It was so strange, with every step I took it was like I ran into a world of complete emptiness.. 
It's defenately a refreshing way to clear your mind..

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