Today male member Bobby Farrell of the band Boney M died. He was only 61. Boney M was a Dutch 1970′s discogroup that had quite some hits all over the world. The band excisted for 8 years and in that time they had 35 top 5 hits. In total they sold over 150 million LP’s!
As a child I listened quite often to Boney M, haha.
Bobby was known for his striking dancemoves and his extravagant costumes. All of the costumes were designed by Dutch stylist and designer Tycho Boeker:
Some songs of Boney M:
Daddy Cool:

Rivers of Babylon:


Really weird coincedence is that Bobby died on the same day and in the same town as Rasputin..
Ma Baker:

A remix of some of their hits:

And.. A song that is a hit now, that is based on Boney M’s music: