dinsdag 9 november 2010

Goodmorning, afternoon or night everyone!

Our names are Marit and Lotte.
We’re far away family and best friends, and can’t hang out one day without ending up in
some weird adventure. As opposites, we learn a lot from eachother,
and in a way, complete one another.
We do have one main interest, which stands out above everything the second were together; to explore every aspect of everything, the goods and the bads, taking too much chances, risk safety, befriend total strangers, and looking at the world through a big kaleidoscope to see colour in everything.
With as result; Lots of Stories and Adventures.
We’re starting this blog, not only to share our life with you, but to remember
everything in this sort of virtual Diary, to ourselfes.
starting this very day.

Peace, Love and Enjoy!
Marit & Lotte

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