maandag 22 november 2010


After my last blog, I fell asleep.
I slept through the night, the entire day and the half of this night.
it’s 3 in the morning now, and i’m up.
I remember everything vagely and don't really remember my blog, though I think its kind of funny.
Marit, the message is in swedish.
it says: hey fruitcake, you called me? :p
it’s a ful moon tonight, which i noticed while smoking a sig on my balcony.
its weird, waking up, thinking its still night, and discover you slept an intire day away.
I haven’t seen one thing of sunday.
Two of the many pictures from saturday afternoon. the only ones on this laptop. i’ll post the others later!
Though, reading my blog, i probably had a good time, i’m never ever trying charlie’s crazy joints again.
I hav no clue what was in that.
That night I also wrote a story completely in turkish on my (turkish)loveinterests wall.
which the translater didnt translate very well, since he’s insulted by it, and pissed off.
Way to go, Lotte!
and the vids kind of are scary indeed.
I should try to get some sleep, im feeling dizzy and lightheaded, and still tired.
Marit, babe, are you doing ok?
Wanna meet up wednesday? Maybe go shopping? I’m curious 'bout Primark's new collection.
and I miss you! <3
Have lovely dreams!!

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