woensdag 10 november 2010

Dear Lotte

Hey sweetheart. <3
I really wanted to start blogging, but I’ve been extremely busy.. Mainly with school..
Last week I had an examination week and this week we just had to have a lot of things finished, but today I started! :)
The homework for today was actually kind of fun: for art class we had to make an art work which was named “You, in whatever way you see yourself”. It had to be completely about yourself. I first didn’t think I would like the assignment, but then some idea popped into my mind about portraying myself with my head open and all things that have something to do with my life, creaping out. 
I’m happy with the result.. :) I'll show you ;)

By the way! I look very much forward to our rendez-vous tomorrow! :) I want to hear everything about how you've been the past 2 or 3 days? Wow.. why does it feel so much longer? Haha, yeah I do like your story! 
We'll catch up tomorrow!

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