donderdag 25 november 2010

Awkwardness awaits!

I’m about to meet up with Karel, a friend of my sister and sort of ex of mine.
I don’t think I ever met someone that was more wrong for me, according to NATURE.
I can already see Marits smile when she reads this.. :p
Of all the hundreds of times I went out with him or hung with him, something incredibly awkward happened.
At first it was funny, but eventually it was just too bad.
From small things like tripping in a not cute way, to heavy stuff, like getting sick when he first kissed me, faint and leave the club in an ambulance.
I’m already nervous what's going to happen today.
I haven’t seen him in a long time. He’s had a gf for a long time, but they broke up.
Or so I think. I mean, he only contacted me when they were in a fight, on a break, or whatever.
I’m just gonna meet him with openmindedness, and acception for any stunt I’ll make next.
I’ll bring my camera, and hopefully you’ll get something hilarious tonight.
I don’t even doubt it.
The weather is nice, clear and sunny, after the first snowfall of the year last night.
I can’t wait to go outside.
I’m gonna bundle up, get my stuff, and meet Karel.

at my sisters place. from left to right: Karel, Chris, Sanne, Siegert, Lotte, Fabian
At Club Merz. I was drunk.
He was like: Lets pull an angry face to ruin the picture. Don’t laugh. I said don’t laugh!!
It made me laugh.

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