maandag 29 november 2010

I Love Snow!

Bildersteeg (popleralley) in Dordrecht, closy to my parents house.
I love the way everything turns white. All one colour, like paper sheets waiting to be written on. I love the way it glitters, and the way it cracks underneath my boots.
Kids are lines up in groops aside of the roads with handsfull of snow, waiting for cars to pass so they can throw the snowballs at them. Their cheeks cold and red, dripping noses, but a smile from ear to ear. It’s funny how something like snow turns everyone into a kid. I even saw a businessman walking on the snowy streets today, getting down, making a snowball, and throwing it at a group of kids, who immidiately tried to get back at the man, while he clumbsy ran away, laughing.
Snow in Dordrecht

Its like being home is extra nice, warm drinks are extra good, and everything just turns brighter as the days grow darker and colder.
I have so much to blog, so much to talk about, but my time is filled up with everything else. I don’t thing my days have been this busy and fun in months. Yesterday I went to the cinema with Tayfun, which was again amazing. I feel like we really connect, and he cheers me up a lot. Today I went to school, to finish some stuff. I’m almost out of there, only one movie to go. After that I went to Utrecht, to hang out with the most awesome person ever. Yeah Marit, its you. It’s weird how we don’t need anyhting besides ourselves to have a great time. I hadn’t laughed till my stomach hurt in a long time.
I’ll write down everything in details later, including my uncle’s birthday adventure.
But now I have to shower and get myself ready for another night out with my Ty.
He’s getting a personal snowball attack.  (:
Poor horses in snowy Dordrecht

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