zaterdag 27 november 2010

Scary horses!

I woke up in the middle of the night in my old bedroom, in my parents house.
Staring in the face of a HORSE.
I screamed. Looked again, and the horse was gone!
Seriously, how stressed out do you have to be to imagine or dream stuff like that?
I went back to sleep.
I dreamed about old Paris, which I dream about a lot, since I miss Paris. (going for a week in January, yay!)
So I was walking the streets, close to champs elysees, and suddenly, I hear hooves right behind me.
I look around, and this scary white horse is staring at me.
I start to run, with the horse chasing me!
He made weird noises, sounding like a cat with a cold.
And the intire night, in every dream, this scary horse chases me!!
Does anyone know what it means?
Does the horse resemble my problems I keep running from? Or my roommate?
I have no clue!!
Anyway, this day is a good day.
I weirdy love the freezing air. Its like there’s more oxygen than usual in it.
I’m about to shower and change quickly, and then head off with my dad downtown, where’s a nice big market.
I love markets, and so does he.
I like the weird people attracted to them, wanting to buy cheap stuff.
I love the international food, the weird little vintage things.
I’m looking forward to it, though its not a big deal.
I guess the simplicity of walking through a market with my dad is something I missed.
Everything has been so crazy the last couple of months.

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