vrijdag 26 november 2010


I remembered something I really want to post.
Something I’m looking forward to a lot.
A few weeks ago on a party called ‘Avanhard’, I had eyecontact with this guy, who absorbed my attention.
He’s a friend of friends, and works as a DJ in clubs all over Holland.
Two days after the party, I added him on facebook.
We started chatting, calling, and we hung out about a week ago, which was great fun.
We had good conversations, we laughed a lot, and we just connected really good.
He studies Advertising at an Art school in Rotterdam called ‘Willem de Kooning’, he’s really arty and has great musical talents. He plays piano, mixes tracks, and has this creative vibe about him. But unlike a lot of creative artists, he’s also very social and fun and optimistic. Something I can use to have around me. (;  
He told me a few days ago, to keep the date 3 dec open, and that he would suprise me with something.
So when we were on the phone yesterday, I started pulling information out of him, because I was just too curious.
Eventually he gave in.
In the afternoon, were driving to Amsterdam, and he’s taking me to the Photography Museum.
There’s a big exhibition of the work of three french photographers;
Alexandre Maubert, Justine Pluvinage and Vera Schöpe.
After that, were dining at the ‘ Trouw Restaurant’  in Amsterdam.

Its brand new, located in the former dutch ‘trouw’ newspaper factory.
A restaurant at day, a club at night.
It’s really arty, and from what I hear, an awesome place with amazing food.
After dinner, we’re going to the hotel to relax a little, freshen up, and get ready for a party. Don’t know what kind or where yet.
He’s going to drink along with me, so thats why the hotel is booked.
He wants to be able to party with me, and not drive back at night, but just sleep somewhere comfortable.
I can already imagine us just hanging on the bed, talking about all kinds of stuff, not leaving the hotelroom.
I can’t believe he did all this efford.
I’m already emberassed by the thought of the pricetag to this little getaway.
I’m glad I have a little light to look forward to right now.
I don’t even know if that’s a saying in english by the way, but it is in dutch.
I’m going to take a long hot shower, relax a little.
I’ll probably blog more later tonight... :)

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