vrijdag 12 november 2010


Our rendez-vous yesterday:

I arrived at Utrecht CS to meet up with Marit. :)
She had just biked her way from school to the city of Utrecht, in the storm!
Usually we run at eachother and hug like we haven’t seen eachother in years, but this time we both stumbled forward and just leaned a little.
We were completely frozen, below temperature..
We wanted to smoke first, to catch our breaths a little and relax, but the entire station is a non-smoking zone, obviously.
So again, we went out in the blizzard to light a cigarette.
We could barely take one out of the packages, because our hands were completely numb. And when we tried lighting them, the wind kept blowing out the fire. We ended up there for atleast 20 minutes.

Zombies: Lotte and Marit
We got back in ‘Hoog Catarijne’ (which is the shopping area of Utrechts station hall) like bluelipped scarecrows and walked right into the first store we saw, simply for the warmth. Its crazy how miserable real cold can make you feel.
Desperately we headed for the free coffee zone, when we came across the liqor.
We both stopped, and stared at it for 5 minutes.

Lotte: "That will make us warm."
Marit: "You're absolutely right..."
Lotte: "Russians do it all the time in winter."
Marit: "Haha, maybe it’s their way of survivling the cold."
Lotte: "Yeah. Russian survival."
Marit: "You get the Martini, I’m getting us something to eat."

So, five minutes later, were walking through Hoog Catarijne with Martini in our bags, and chocolate between our teeth.
Since public drinking is illegal, we headed for the station restrooms. (really clean and quite big, not as gross at it sounds) and bundled up close to eachother in a restroom.

While drinking and making random pictures, a women starts pounding on the door, yelling at us to get out immidiately. We made up the first thing that came to our minds, and told her we couldn’t, because I was feeling sick, and was throwing up. (faking barfsounds) But she demanded us to come out.
We hid the bottle, and came out. I pretended to feel very sick.

It appeared that a women who was peeing in the cabin next to us, saw the flashes of my camera, and thought we had photographed HER, with the intentions of putting it on internet. WTF??
We assured her no such thing happened and continued our little restroomparty.
Moments later, warmed up and a bit tipsy, we headed for the H&M to take a look at the new collection.
Crazy as Marits plans always are, she came up with the idea of picking out the worst outfit ever for eachother, and of course put it on. I called it a plan.

Guess what? We kind of pulled it off and we matched. We laughed so hard.
Unfortunately, the employees didn’t laugh and their eyes demanded us to leave. So we did, and went to the trains.
Marit had homework and I had a kitchen to clean up before my roommate would come home.
We said our goodbyes, and owned another afternoon of kiddish stupidity, to BLOG in stead of forget eventually.

It was fun. (:

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