donderdag 11 november 2010


You never guess what has happened to me this night!! Normally, each and every schoolday, my alarm clock goes off at 6 ‘o clock.. Quite early, but I’m used to it for almost 6 years now (so I just have to except it :p)..
This night, however, I appeared to have set the alarm at the wrong time without noticing.. So this is what happened: 
Alarm rinckles at 3 ‘o clock.
(Dumbass) Marit thinks: “Ah! it’s morning!”, so she goes downstairs, makes herself breakfast and drinks two cups of coffee, cause she’s feeling pretty tired (yeah, strange...) 
Then her eye falls at the clock in the kitchen and she realizes that it’s the middle of the night..
Thanks to the coffee she’s quit restless and can’t get her eyes closed anymore….
What a very exciting beginning of the day! :)
But I did watch a good movie now, haha

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