dinsdag 9 november 2010

Stormy Europe.

Rain, rain, rain…..
We envy all of you out there, who has a blue sunny sky, OR a white world.
We love the summer and the winter.
But where we live, summer excists three weeks if we’re lucky,
and winter means slippery roads.
Rain during the day, and frost during the nights.
The rest of the days in the year are filled with grey skies,
rain and wind, with a lucky blue skied day from time to time.
While walking the most awesome dog, Max, we could letterly lean into the wind.
Our bad mood turned to laughter.
especially when again, rain came pouring down.
It was then, that we really felt like living in our own crazy bubble,
and decided to start a blog.
in order to remember this this very special moment,
and of course to show you who we are we have captured the moment.

Greetings and raindrops.
Lotte, Marit

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