zaterdag 20 november 2010

Picture perfect.

The party yesterday was a lot of fun.
I woke up late. They were all tipsy when I stumbled in the room, but it didnt take long for me to catch up, since a bag of chips was the only thing I ate that day.

Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner=

It was sweet of them to let me sleep, though I wasnt planning on sleeping 5 hours straight.
As the only girl in the group, it’s sometimes awkward.
I sort of made out with some of them in a drunk past, and they always have to joke around about it.
I can’t help that my roommates friends are cute!
We played truth or dare to fill up the 10 minutes waitingtime for the movie to download, but ended up playing the game for a few hours. 
These are the type of nights people look down on, but will remember as great times when years have passed. 
Some pictures:

We all woke up this morning, a bit hangover.
I just got breakfast at the shop opposite our appartment.
My roomy is getting ready in the shower, cause were about to do a shoot.
We used to do that all the time, but since we moved in together we stopped doing a lot of the fun stuff we used to do.
That appeared to be the reason why he was upset. It wasnt about me being gone, but about me not making him a priority anymore. And he is so right. I’m gonna make a real efford to breathe the life back into our friendship.

Lotte, Stef, Marit @ Amsterdam
I love him a lot, and I guess I took him for granted a bit.
I need to straighten some stuff out, mostly myself, and focuss on whats real and whats important to me.
And he deff is.
Its a bright sunny autumn day, I can’t wait to go outside and make beautifull pictures.
I’ll probably post them later this day.

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