dinsdag 30 november 2010

Sandra Backlund

“Sandra Backlund started her label in 2004 after graduating from a design course in Sweden. Since then she has marketed herself well; her Facebook page has over a thousand fans, and other supporters have started a separate Sandra Backlund Facebook group. She has participated in museum exhibitions on design and has either been nominated for and/or won a design award nearly every year since 2005. She has collaborated with other designers including Louis Vuittion and she is even a proud feature on the Swedish tourism site.
Love it, hate it, or completely don’t understand it, Backlund has found a demand for her knits. They may not be the most practical, functional designs, but her style excites and mesmerizes nonetheless. No matter how much other designers change and reinvent their labels season after season, one knows what to expect from Sandra Backlund. That’s not to say that her work has become utterly predictable, it’s more that buyers will know who to go to when they want sculptured large-scale knits. Though dependability may seem a bit conventional, it itself works as advertising and will keep your customers coming back for more.”

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