dinsdag 23 november 2010

Already freaking out...

Today is the day that I want to get things right in my life again..
I'm going to undergo some changes that hopefuly will benefit my life in a positive way..

First thing is quit smoking.. cause it's getting to *a shocking* 1 to 2 packages a day..

08:20 I'm in the lesson right now and normally at this time I would have smoked about 3 or 4 cigarettes already... Really miss the first cigarette to start the morning with... :(
Now, I'm sitting here with my mouth full of chewing gum..

10:57 Just had the first break.. I stayed inside the school, just talking with friends and eating.. It's not that I miss it a lot already, can't say that yet, but it' more that it was a habbit that went almost automatically and now I just have to change that, I guess..

Fortunately my friends Ella & Nienke are joining with quiting, that makes it somewhat easier :)


No more smoking...

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