maandag 24 januari 2011

aşk hikayesi

I need to say something.
Cheesy love movies make me gag. 
Love at first sight is a joke. 
it’s all a lie.
EVERYONE cheets,
Lovesongs stink, and people who believe in love are airheads. 

This was me 3 months ago. I though it was disgusting.

You’d say, ”deep love” takes a lot of time, months… years. A lot of moments, memories, adventures you have to share to explore eachothers character. To find one’s flaws and goods, and weigh them out to make a decision. 
And you’d think one would have to prove themselve, to show you he or she’s worthy of trusting, and loving.
A clean history. A list of good deeds.
Or atleast, that’s what I thought.
But i’ve been tought that it really does take only a second.
Only one. That whipes everything you build up completely out of place.
It’s when you look into his or her eyes and go all the way inside; to their soul and you both know. One look, one connection, one thing on your mind. Seeying it reflect, and knowing it’s a two-sided thing. Something unconditional. Not blind, not perfect, only seeying that what matters.
I never never believed in this, but I’m a very lucky person to have discovered the truth. Everyone, love is real. And I’m sorry for this lovablelovelylovepost, but I just really had to say this.
It’s real. It really exists, and it really is the most beautiful thing ever.

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