I’m (Lotte) at my parents place atm, in the middle of the night. Taking advantage of my moms laptop. These pictures werent uploaded yet. I don’t think I have to describe the party-part, cause the pictures say it all. We partyed hard. 
But the pre party was kind of original… We were outside the station of Utrecht, nearby a cinema, and two cinema workers invited us in, to smoke inside where its warm, and have a drink in the smokers lounge for employees. So we did. We stayed there till half past midnight. All the people were gone, only the staff was left. They opened up the bar for us, and we got anything we wanted. They asked us to stay the night, and watch movies with the staff, which would have been pretty cool. 
A whole cinema alone to us! But since we didnt know them too well, and had planned to go clubbing, we left.

Me and Marit in the cinema
Me and Marit in the cinema

Me and Marit:)

Party in club Monza, Utrecht
Me and Marit

All: me and Marit

Teo and me

The two of us again :)