woensdag 12 januari 2011

Bonding time?

I’m with my mom right now. She went to the bathroom, so i’m quickly typing this blog.
My mom and I don’t get along at all. Not since I turned 14/15.
We became two completely different persons. She relays on facts, and is quite pessimistic. I’m more of a feelingsperson, and not very rational.
I’m trying to fill her glass of wine every time she doesnt look, so she might loosen up a little haha. But I don’t think my efforts are working. We dined together after I cooked, and I made the table look all fancy with candles and stuff.. But she turned on the regular lights, and started eating without much of a converstaion.
Oh she’s back.
and she’s asking me to clean the kitchen right now.
Okay, well bonding time was a fail.


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