woensdag 5 januari 2011


SO, today was a weird day.
My dad woke me up by throwing a glass of water on top of me for starters.
After I screamed and called him names, he told me he couldn’t wake me. I didn’t respond to anything. I wonder if its true, or if he was just in a crazy mood.
Anyways, I went to a store to get myself a new bed and new closets, and headed to my grandma after that.
I love her, but its always a sort of forced family thing.
Sit in front of eachother, drink tea, and talk about school, plans and everything thats not a taboe.
After a little while, I really wanted to go, because I was craving a sigarette, and I had my stomach full of tea and shallow talk.
The moment I’m putting on my coat, I hear from the TV: blabla.. Dordrecht and surroundings to STAY INSIDE and close windows and doors immidiately. Im like, wtf? So we all bundle up close to the TV, and witness a huge fire.
It appeared that the chemical factory in Moerdijk (next to Dordrecht) was going up in flames, spreading toxic smoke all over the south of holland, starting with Dordrecht and Strijen.
While the nerdy reporter was standing close to the fire, warning us dutchies, a sudden (small) explosion caught him off guard. He pulled a panic face and threw himself on the ground. So funny and unnessecary.
So I looked outside the window, and saw thick brownish smoke hanging over our houses.
We heard the sirens warning people of danger. Kind of exciting.
But I ended up staying there for 6 hours..
Then my grandpa brought me home, both covered in shawls to prevent breathing in the toxic. I kinda love the little action thats finally happening in our boring little land.
But I still haven’t been able to smoke a sigarette! that would be double deadly.

So now, i’m sitting on the coutch in my parents livingroom.
My sisters and brother in law are here, because their house is right in the middle of it all.
We’re all crashing here.
I really want to blog more.
I have so much pictures piling up that I want to post, but since we’re all stuck inside, waiting for more news on the toxic smoke, my parents insist on making this a cosy family thing. I’m so not in the mood, but i’ll get over myself and try to make this doable for all of us...

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