dinsdag 25 januari 2011


I just woke up. And it’s sort of really late.
Below our appartment (we live on 1st floor) there’s a turkish bakery.
She’s the sweetest woman ever, and she makes great food.
So, lazy as we were, we went downstairs to get breakfast.
I don’t know if you have turkish pizza’s outside of Europe, but they’re awesome. delicious. beautiful. So, we got two, filled with chicken kebab. The only meat I make exeptions for. Cause I think chickens are stupid.
I just finished mine.. but it didn’t taste like chicken. So i’m a bit confused..
But ok, all I really have going on in my mind right now, is getting out of this place, and go outside. The sun is shining brightly, and i’m up for some photographing with my roommate. Probably post pictures later!

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