So, I headed downstairs, and tried to open the door of the store.
Closed. But the sign said ‘OPEN’, the lights were on, and there were people inside.
I tried again, to see if the door was stuck, but it was locked.
A girl opened the door, and let me in without saying anything.
She wasnt working there.
I saw a guy looking at me, welcoming me. He looked like a hobo.
I thanked him, and started to look around.
Really interesting movies!!

He came up to me, asking me if I was looking for something special.
I could smell his breath. Beer. Lots of beer.
He was drunk. And working there.
I told him I wanted to look around.
He stumbled off.
After having picked two movies, (Le grand voyage & Forbidden Fruits) I told him I wanted to take these. He layed them on a table, and asked for my name and adress. I wrote it down for him, and he made me a hand-made memberpass. So lame and cool at the same time haha!
He asked for my license, because he needed my sofinumber, but i didnt bring it with me. He was like: Oh.. Well.. I’ll make something up then.
I noticed some signs while he was trying to get the atm machine to work.
‘No smoking’ while he had a sigarette in his mouth.
And even more funny: a sign that said three sort of drinks including beer and wine, and the prices. IN A VIDEOSTORE!

The atm didnt work. Handwritten membercards. A computer with windows 1900. The door kept locking up as soon as it fell closed. Costumers opening the door for other costumers. Two alcoholics as owners of the store practicly doing nothing. It was such a great mess!
While looking at my ”membercard” I told them how awesome I thought their store is. I asked them how long I needed the handwritten membercard before I would get a real one. He said: that is your real one girly. So, I asked them how long the store would be there. He answered: er.. well.. atleast another week.
Hahah. Good. so the movies are mine then?..