I’ve been staying with my parents for a few days again.
I’ve been in sort of a fight with my roommate again, and didnt feel like being around there. So today, I went back to my appartment to sort things out, clean up some stuff and just.. be home.
He showed me the grocaries he got, the chocolate, some more food and drinks, to let me know what to get and not to get tomorrow for the place.
He opened the freezer, and pulled out a bottle with a frozen yellow substance. So i took it, and looked at the label. ”RUM”. He told me to smell it, and for some reason, I did. But it didn’t smell like rum. I think. I don’t know what rum smells like. So I was like; ew. rum..  And he starts laughing and laughing.. telling me how one of his friends pissed in that little bottle after drinking the rum, and tossed it in the freezer.
I sniffed PISS today.