News update.. The fire is too big to handle, so the firefighters decided to foam it down. Which means a huge smoke curtain will cover our town (and much more). Which meansss we still can’t leave for who knows how long.
The toxic smoke hurts your skin and eyes.
The trains are shut down, the harbours are closed, and the roads are closed down.
I secretly sniffed the air outside to see if it smells weird. And it totally smells like burned plastic. This is really serious!!
So, since I have time to spare now, I’ll put on some of my NYE adventure pics!
It was a costume party, and Ty and me went as Rapunzel and Flynn.
The party was in the penthouse of Damar in Amsterdam, which was an awesome location.
We first celebrated the night in Rotterdam with my roommate and friends, and then went to Amsterdam around 00:40.
(in the pictures, i’ve already took off my pink dress because it was too warm)
It was amazing, though I only remember the first half of the night.
I have never seen so much champagne in my life.
But it was sooo much fun!!