maandag 10 januari 2011

”Liars is all you gonna run across in this world. A mans gotta learn the difference between just plain liars, and liars, worth lovin.”

I just watched another movie with Tayfun...
I kinda have to hurry writing this blog, cause he’s going to call me any minute to say goodnight. The movie was about a lonely man with the Asperger syndrome, who falls in love with his new neighbour, Beth. She is attracted to him too, but they have lots of problems figuring eachother out.
Its a sad but beautiful movie, though I had a hard time staying focussed. Every minute of watching the drama, I felt happier and happier to be with Ty, and how natural and easy everything is going between us. And I couldn’t help but express that happiness into hugging him to death during the movie.
This scene was so funny haha (:
My little nephew also has Asperger. He is the smartest kid ever, but socially really uncomfortable. When he was little, he growled at everyone he felt intimidated by. He could get really upset about random things, and nowadays (he’s 16) he seems really normal, but its hard to have a normal conversation with him. He doesnt want to kiss anyone as a greeting or as a goodbye, but just awkwardly shakes hands and keeps a distance. He loves instruments and is really good. Whenever you ask him something he knows a lot about, he is unstoppable in telling you everything about it. It was really interesting to see this movie, and recoqnise so much in Adam. It makes me picture my nephew in 10 years, though I hope he’ll be a lot more lucky and happy.
Today I went downtown with Romy to have a few drinks and talk. It was a lot of fun at first, but she got in sort of a fight with her ex halfway, which had an impact on her mood, so we decided to go home, and meet up later this week.
me and Romy -today. (sorry for the bad quality)

After the shopping, I headed home to dine with my parents. Around eight, Ty picked me up and we headed to his place to watch a movie and hang out a bit. It’s crazy how after having seen eachother so much, it still letterly hurts to leave. That’s also why i’m going to stop typing now, cause i’m going to bed, and have a cheesy ‘you hang up -no YOU hang up’ call with him.
Tayfun and me

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