woensdag 12 januari 2011


Have you heard of the hundreds of birds that fell dead out of the sky in Arkansas? Ofcourse you did. Well, everyone has their own theory about how it could have happenend. My mom had an interesting one this morning. She was like; you know about those birds falling out of the sky right? Well it appeared that they were drunk. A farmer with grapetrees tossed old fermented grapes through the fields where his trees were, and the group of birds landed there, and ate them all. Which made them really drunk. So drunk that they fell out of the sky dead a little further in Arkansas.
I’m not buying it, but atleast it’s a more optimistic way of looking at it, right? Wasted birdies.
She went on, about how she saw a documentary about drunk monkeys in Africa. A group of monkeys waited every end of summer, for a bunch of trees full of fruit to get fermented. Than they all made a run for it, and ate those fruits, which caused them to get really drunk. So drunk that they all fell out of the tree, and layed in the grass laughing and laughing. They did this every day ’till the trees were completely fruitless, and then went on with their usual things. What a way of ending the summer.
And ofcourse, geeky as I am, I tried to look for that documentary, but couldn’t find it.
However, I did find this. Its the same sort of documentary, but involves all kinds of animals. I secretly think this is the documentary she saw, and just made her own version of it while telling me. It’s also in Africa. The documentary is french, so i’ll explain.
In this area, there is a lack of water, and animals stuff themselves with fruits, to stay strong and prevent dehydration. But the fruit in these trees contain a large percentage of alcohol. And they all get really wasted.

And this is just funny.
Open in youtube.. the sound of this makes me CRAVE for summer.

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