Wow.. hangover.

Gosh we trashed the intire livingroom.
Ty somehow managed to get out of bed and head off to school, and Stef is taking a shower now. The table is filled with empty bottles. glasses, foodleft-overs, playingcards and coloured alcohol stains.
Morning afters are always the best times to stand still with the way youre living your life, and regret a lot. Cause I concider myself a good person, with ambitions and love for pure and simple things. That gets carried away in crazyness now and then. But looking at how i’ve been spending my days the last couple of months, then I can tell you it’s been a ‘bumpy ride’.  Too much bad desicions. 
It might be hypocrite to pick a moment like this, after choosing to get completely wasted, and feeling the headache of it right now,  but I don’t care. 
This minute, I’m choosing to turn it around. 
Make better decisions. 
Stop with alcohol and drugs.
Focuss on real things.
Things that matter, things that last.
I’m going to try be aware of every door 
I open and close, and how it will affect me.
I don’t wanna feel like this anymore.