My mom is behind her TV right now, and I have to walk the dog.
In the pouring rain.
Seriously, am I exaggerating or is this unfair? I cooked and cleaned already, and had a very busy day. She ignored my effords to have some family time, and now she’s gone again.
I really don’t get her sometimes. I’m trying to think of things that would make her behaviour logical. I know she had a pretty tough childhood, and never learned to express love very well, but she does hang out with my older sisters, and is very close with them. So it has to be me. But there is nothing I ever did to piss her off this badly. Never. It’s like she just can’t get along with me, and just cuts me off a little. I don’t want to be bff’s with her, but I would like a mom. Have girltime, conversations, maybe go shopping.. It kind of hurts. Because it’s just me. She shops and chats with my sisters all the time..
I never know if I should get really angry at her about it, or put it on myself.
Well, atleast I think I deserve some mice help, and a fairy godmother if I have to be cinderella over here.
I’m gonna drink up my wine, put on music, and go jogging outside.
It doesnt matter how long I’ll be out. I’ll get soaking wet anyway, so whatever.