donderdag 27 januari 2011


Can’t seem to get enough of moving images today. I went to the cinema to watch two movies. (Tron Legacy & Twelve) I’m home right now, with Ty and Stef, and I just had to watch the new episode of Gossip Girl. I’ve been waiting so long for it, and hadn’t had time since monday. So I withdrawed myself from their company and bundled up with my lovely laptop to watch episode 12. I’ve been so boring to them today. I just finished, and they’re both occupied now, playing ‘PES’ some random soccer game. They keep yelling and laughing, bumping fists and sniffing amused about moves they make. 
Since i’m bored, I’ll type every word they’re saying.
”keep it closed!” (Ty)
”what?? it’s out.” (Ty)
”Whooow!!” (both)
”Nice one!!” (Stef)
”What the hell is he doing??” (Ty)
*both imitating soccer kick sounds*
”Oohhh I feel one coming!” (Ty)
*both start laughing really hard*
”Corner.” (Ty)
What was that? (Ty)
It was a good one. (Stef)
*comparing themselves to famous soccer players*
Ooohh!! (both)
There goes our chance. (Stef)
3-0 is on its way bro. (Ty)
Still possible, still possible! (Stef)
Yeah! Yeah! No! (Ty)
Penalty!?! (Stef)
Oh well. 2-0 will do I quess. (Ty)
One more game? (Stef)
Deffinitely! (Ty)
Sigh. But I guessed I deserved this. It’s kind of amusing to watch them get into a game like this. I can only get excited about soccergames when Holland gets into the finals at World Champions. Funny how people can get excited like that about a random game in a random livingroom ramdomly at 02:00 AM.

Boys will be boys.
This is war! (Ty)
Messi sucks today. (Stef)
He sure does. (Ty)
Not like it’s really his fault haha.. (Stef)
Got it!!! (Stef)
Hoppaaaa! (Ty)
Ok, stay sharp.  stay sharp. (Ty)
continues, continues……
I’m going to wash off my mascara, brush my teeth and get into my lovely bed right now. I’ve got a really serious talk tomorrow at school. It prectacly comes down to me being kicked out of school if I keep on not showing my face.
Wish me luck. Wish me motivation. Wish me a magic diploma falling out of the sky without having anything to do with that awefull school..

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