I recently came across a newly opened shop in Utrecht.
The name of the shop is Puha. They sell clothes for men and woman which is made by young Dutch designers.
I really like the shop, all clothes are really unique, there wasn’t one single piece of clothing which was similiar of something else I saw in another shop.
Among the designers are:
Studio JUX, Fenny Faber, HIXsept, Heidi Long, Les Queues de Sardines, Studio RUIG, Snagt, Monique Poolmans, Roparosa, Neurotica, Alter & Kiss, Nutty Tarts, Satara.. and more..
(About two years ago I did some modelling for one of these designers, it’s funny to find yourself back in the store)
Me, back then
I asked if I could make some pictures of Puha for the blog:
The representatives of the shop..
Jacket (for men)
Thights <3
The adres of Puha is:
Hardebollenstraat 8, 3512 TP Utrecht