It’s hard to stop blogging and facebooking once’s you have acces to a laptop AND internet after not having any for weeks. But since it’s getting late, and i’ve got to get up early tomorrow, AND expecting a phonecall from someone amazing, this will be my last post for the day.
I’m sitting on the couth in my livingroom. Just watched a movie with my roommate, and i’m eating all the leftovers from the lays chips and chocolate we  piled up next to us.
I thought i’d be gaining weight like crazy by eating so badly, but appearantly i’m living in a psycho universe, cause i’m losing weight. While eating letterly everything.
I stopped smoking. That’s why i keep grabbing food.
Or atleast, i’m telling myself I stopped. Which means I only smoke two sigarettes a day now. Sometimes one. Or none. Or 5. It’s still a bit of a rollercoaster really. It comes and goes, my nicotine cravings. Like waves. And some waves are just unavoidable. I can run, and drown in furiousity, or just grab a sigarette and surf it in my pantyho’s.
Yeah, I decided to wear pantyho’s today. I never wear them, cause I somehow always mess them up. But i’m getting better at it! I only made two wholes and one ladder. And I was already indoors by the time it started showing above my boots! I feel like tearing it up completely and wear it again tomorrow. I kind of like messed up pantyho’s.
But, enough about waves and pantyho’s.
My lover of all lovers is on skype atm and i’m going to stop blogging and start staring at his lovely everything. Cause how can I not love to love looking and talking to my love? And describing it without using the word love too much?
going to bed now. just skyped the intire night and can’t keep my eyes open.
Me, a drawing and Tayfun :)