I slept so deep that I can’t remember my dreams. I usually always remember them. I do remember waking up this night because I was laughing loudly, and It woke me up. How weird is that? I wonder what I was dreaming.
My dad is in the kitchen, eating an orange,  talking about fruit.
He’s telling me how when he was little, no one had ever heard of kiwi’s, or other fruit we come across a lot nowadays. He’s telling me a story about when he was little, he had a friend; Peter. Peter’s dad was a truckdriver, and transported fruits.  Sometimes, he transported oranges, which was really special, because they came all the way from spain. And when he did, he always took some home, and handed them out. My dad made sure he was also around when he did, and got an orange from Peter’s dad. Not a half, not a slice, but a WHOLE orange. And he tells me what a party that was. He now stumbled off to the livingroom to eat his breakfast in front of the TV, because i’m barely responding and just keep typing. Maybe I should have responded a little better. I’ll tell him I’m blogging his story, that will make him laugh.

.. wow I know this is a completely randomly different subject, but I just read on the online news how a mom in argentina drops her daughter on the tracks of a trainstation to hide her, so she doesnt have to pay a ticket for her daughter. And suddenly a train rides in on the same track.
Is she insane?? Let me see if I can find the vid on youtube.
Yes! Look at it. She doesnt even panic. What a psycho, risking your daughters life for a ticket.
Can I adopt her? Poor thing. She luckily saw the train coming, and pushed herself against the wall to prevent getting hit, but she ends up being pretty stuck…
Anywayway, this was a pretty random blog.
I’m getting myself some breakfast.
Everyone; be thankful for your oranges and parents.